Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art) learning program focuses on cognitive development and creative thinking. Campers create their own computer games, robotic systems, programs, animations, sound effects, digital art and more. They are encouraged to express their creativity and design their own programs while making connections between programming and real world applications. Through camp activities, they will become active creators of digital content.

Younger campers use LEGO WeDO robotics kits and program animated sequences. Older campers either start by building their own computer and programming, or by using laptops to deploy LEGO MindStorms robotics kits. All campers will build, program and run their creations. Our program includes elements of Scratch, Boolean logic, process, animation, movement, layers, sound effects, MIDI sequencing, Audacity, Gimp, and debugging. Whenever possible, we will use free, open source technology so that campers can continue their explorations beyond our summer activities.